BarCampLondon6 is now over!

Thankyou to all our Attendees, Sponsors, and the Guardian for allowing us to host an amazing Barcamp.

We hope you all enjoyed the event. If you have any writeups, images, videos, slides, etc and tag your stuff #bcl6 #barcamplondon6

Check out Coverage at:

Friday Evening Pub

If you find yourself in London this evening and are wondering where other BarCampers might be gathering, we suggest you head to The Bricklayers Arms, 31 Gresse Street, Fitzrovia, W1T 1QY, (a short walk from Tottenham Court Road).

Upstairs is the usual gathering point for the monthly geek-meet Pubstandards - the atmosphere is great and the beer is cheap.

What to Expect at BarCampLondon6

Sessions 30 Minutes Long. 7 Session Rooms. Grid Opens ~ 11:45. Party from 9:00 PM. Restricted Access 10:00 PM - 08:00 AM. Stay Overnight. Day 2. Breakfast from 9:00 AM.

About BarCamp
BarCamp is a participatory unconference, so you guys, the attendees are going to be making the event as great as it can be. The idea is that everyone who comes takes part in some way, be that running a session (it’s not as scary as you might think), taking photos, blogging, tweeting, etc. For those of you who want to run a session, this is what you need to know:

Session Slots
Session slots are 30 minutes long, and have at least 15 minutes between them. We have 7 rooms for sessions, and plenty of break out spaces for continuing the conversation in the corridor afterwards. The seven rooms range in size and style. Some are conference style rooms with large 60″ displays for 20 - 40 people, others are conversation rooms with little or no technology for 5 - 20 people. We’ll mark up which rooms are which size so you know in advance.

The Grid
Sessions are not booked or organised like an ordinary conference, instead we will open up a Grid with empty slots. One column for each room, one row for each time slot, one grid for each day. When the grid opens, at around 11:45, you will be able to claim your slot on the grid by sticking up an index card with your session title and your name on with some blue tak. Index cards, sharpies and blue tak is all provided for you in the morning so you will be ready when the grid opens.

Session Topics
You can run a session on anything you want, really, anything. Your session needn’t be technical or formal, and can be in any style you are comfortable with. We’ve had sessions on all sorts of topics in the past such as a Wine and Cheese Session and a Lifehacking Session, right through to the seriously technical Computer Vision for Hand Gesture Recognition. Take you pick! And a good tip is to head to sessions that you know less about, that way you will learn more.

Evening Entertainment
Sessions will run till around 9:00 PM, after which we will be having a party and there will be lots of treats for everyone! There will also be traditional BarCamp games such as Werewolf and Semantopoly (we can teach you at BarCamp, don’t worry), and hopefully some fantastic conversation, and quotes to be OH’d. These will all go on late into the night, and everyone is welcome to stay in the venue until the next morning. Just remember to bring a sleeping bag if you are doing this. The following morning things kick off with Breakfast at about 9:00 AM, and sessions will run till around 4:30 when it is all over and time to clear up.

Building Access
The building is closed for people entering or leaving from 10:00 PM till 08:00 AM, though if you do really need to go out, we can make an exception, but don’t plan on arriving at 4:00 AM and simply walking in. A member of the planning team will need to let you out and back in if you do need to leave, so simply find someone with CREW on their badge or T-Shirt and they will help you out.

Food And Drink
Remember that all food and drink is provided, though your donations are kindly accepted to help with the quantities ;)

Where and When

BarCampLondon6 is being held at The Guardian’s fancy new offices in King Cross, it’s just a few minutes walk from Kings Cross main line and tube stations, easily accessible by bus, and even has car parking near by (though we don’t recommend this as it will be expensive!) Check out /where-is-barcamplondon6/ for exact details of how to get to the venue.

Doors will open at 10AM on Saturday morning, and breakfast is being provided by Proactive Paul, so come along early and grab some food before the day starts. Our welcome session will be at 11AM so it would be great if you can be there by then. If you are running late, or can’t make it on the day, please let us know by sending us a text on +447794245441, a DM on twitter or an email to, as there are plenty of people who would love to take your place if you don’t show up!

Remember: Please let us know if you are running late or can’t make it

BarCampLondon6 will run until around 4:30 on Sunday afternoon, and you are welcome to stay in the venue over night (more on that tomorrow!), after that we would appreciate your help in cleaning up so we can hand the place back exactly as we found it.

The Guardian’s Address
 Kings Place
 90 York Way
 London N1 9GU

Where is BarCampLondon6

There Are Major Tube Works This Weekend. Checkout to check your journey.

BarCampLondon6 is being held at the offices of our venue sponsor, The Guardian, whose brand new facilities are located near Kings Cross. 

Travelling By Rail
If you are coming by rail, head to Kings Cross, when you are there head out of the station through the side entrance (to the left as you walk away from the trains) on to York Way. Turn left and head up York way about 400M to the North. On your right hand side, just after Crinan Street the Guardian offices are on the left through revolving glass doors.

Travelling By Tube
If you are coming by tube head to Kings Cross St. Pancras and take exit to the North side of Euston Road which will bring you up to the main roadside concourse in front of Kings Cross station. Carry on heading in the direction the stairs bought you  up (East) and in just a few seconds you will be at a main junction with York Way. Turn left and head up York way about 450M to the North. On your right hand side, just after Crinan Street the Guardian offices are on the left through revolving glass doors.

Travelling By Bus
If you are coming by Bus you can take the 390 direct to York Way. Alternatively head to King’s Cross St Pancras on the 10, 17, 30, 45, 46, 59, 63, 73, 91, 205, 214, 259 or 47, walk to York Way and follow the above instructions.

Travelling By Car
There is no parking available at The Guardian at all. The nearest NCP Car Park is on Pancras Road next to St Pancras International Station, and it is quite expensive. For details visit the NCP website at

If you do get lost call us on +447794245441.

Location Maps
We have a map of the location at  google maps, or you can visit the Kings Place website (the building in which The Guardian Offices are situated) for additional information.

Full Address

The Guardian
Kings Place
90 York Way
London N1 9GU

Last Few BarCampLondon6 Tickets

Now that we are under a week away from BarCampLondon6, a few people have told us they are unable to make it, and so we are able to release a small handfull of tickets. There really are very few left, so if you are really keen on coming, there is still a way you can…

You will need to email and let us know that you want to come. Whilst there is no specific deadline for this, as we will continue to release tickets as they become available, you should email us as soon as possible. If we are able to offer you a ticket, we will contact you to let you know.

You should include your name, email, and a phone number we can reach you on.

There really is no selection criteria as there are so few tickets remaining, just email us and a ticket might be yours…

Spreadshirt T-Shirts

Did you receive an email from Spreadshirt saying your order had shipped? Don’t worry, that just means that your order went through successfully and will be delivered to BarCampLondon HQ next week so that we can hand it out to you at BarCampLondon next week.

If you didn’t manage to customise your T-Shirt before the deadline, don’t worry, we ordered plenty of standard ones for you too!

And the winners are

On Saturday night at Not South By South West we drew the below thirty numbers out of a bowl (apologies to those expecting a large Texan hat).

25596, 25411, 25529, 25465 , 25447, 25489, 25525, 25515, 25478, 25467, 25397, 25577, 25576, 25519, 25457
25452, 25533, 25603, 25581, 25429, 25443, 25476, 25445, 25394, 25499, 25580, 25487, 25433, 25575, 25458

Did You Win?

If your number is one of the lucky ones listed above keep your phone handy today, we will be sending you an SMS this morning with instructions of what to do next. You will need to reply to this SMS before 6pm on Monday to claim your prize. Failure to do so will result in ticket cancellation.

Unclaimed tickets

Any unclaimed tickets will be put back into the lottery for a second draw Monday at 7pm.  Winners will be notified by SMS but will only have 30 minutes to respond. We will keep drawing tickets until all tickets are allocated. No new entries will be allowed.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not SXSW!

Didnt quite make it to Austin ? Well come and join the Barcamp London planners at the Texas Embassy tonight on Trafalgar Square, where with some steaks we will draw the BarcampLondon Lottery winners.

Full details @

We will be live streaming the draw via Qik, and the winning lottery numbers will be posted via the blog and twitter.

The Great T-Shirt Giveaway!

BarcampLondon and Spreadshirt are teaming up to make your Barcamp t-shirt that little bit more special. If you already have your Barcamp ticket you will of received an email already with your voucher code. Tonight’s Lottery winners will get their voucher codes when they complete registration.

Once you have your voucher code go to, have a look at the shirt template and mess around with it until it meets your desires!

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