And the winners are

On Saturday night at Not South By South West we drew the below thirty numbers out of a bowl (apologies to those expecting a large Texan hat).

25596, 25411, 25529, 25465 , 25447, 25489, 25525, 25515, 25478, 25467, 25397, 25577, 25576, 25519, 25457
25452, 25533, 25603, 25581, 25429, 25443, 25476, 25445, 25394, 25499, 25580, 25487, 25433, 25575, 25458

Did You Win?

If your number is one of the lucky ones listed above keep your phone handy today, we will be sending you an SMS this morning with instructions of what to do next. You will need to reply to this SMS before 6pm on Monday to claim your prize. Failure to do so will result in ticket cancellation.

Unclaimed tickets

Any unclaimed tickets will be put back into the lottery for a second draw Monday at 7pm.  Winners will be notified by SMS but will only have 30 minutes to respond. We will keep drawing tickets until all tickets are allocated. No new entries will be allowed.